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About Us

Cutting through the BS and getting results

Natureplace was founded by James and John Charles, two guys old enough to have noticed a gap in the market and young enough to think we can do something about it.  We've a passion for nature, agriculture and outdoor activity and equipped with sector-relevant business backgrounds.  We think that its crucial to get things right when business intersects with nature, which is does all the time.  And as we look around, we think that many are missing the mark. 


So we started Natureplace.


JC has focused on building businesses to create positive value for shareholders while benefiting communities and the environment.  Most recently, JC was a member of the leadership team and Head of Partnerships at FarmRaise, a SaaS business connecting US farmers with funding. JC was a founding member of NatureVest, the impact investment unit of The Nature Conservancy, which helped originate, structure, fund and close $2.3bn of nature related deals.  Before this, JC was involved in a unique span of undertakings ranging from a coffee plantation in the Philippines to advising the Foreign Minister and Prime Minister of the autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


James is a natural capital expert who has pioneered a market approach for valuing and quantifying natural capital real assets. James founded Mopane Capital, which has blazed a trail for bridging the gap between the capital markets and nature based projects to unlock their true worth.  He is a Chartered Rural Surveyor and Registered Valuer who blends his passion for the wilderness with a rigorous professional approach and desire for much needed market disruption and honesty.

Our Clients

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